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Microherbs and Microgreens

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Microgreens are a type of specialty produce, sometimes called “micro herbs”, that encompasses any of the seedlings or tiny leaves of edible flowers, vegetables, and herbs, but they are not the same as sprouts. Sprouts are germinated in water just long enough for them to grow roots, a stem, and pale leaves, but these microgreens require at least a week of growth in soil and sunlight before they can be harvested. They are harvested less than two weeks, full of four to six times the nutrients found in full grown varieties of the vegetable, flower, or herb. These “microgreens” include basil crystals, micro cilantro, micro cucumber, micro wasabi, and more. Their advantages significantly outweigh any disadvantages, but some sources say that more studies are necessary to ascertain their exact benefits. They are lauded as the new ingredient that all cooks should try.

Other products similarly grown and produced include candied flowers, flower crystals, and more. The practice of candying flowers has been in place since medieval times, when monks preserved violets in syrup and mead. This was used to treat the cold and the flu, but candied flowers are also tasty and healthy! Flower and herb crystals, such as basil crystals, can be used easily and conveniently by cooks in their recipes. Basil crystals and other crystallized flowers and herbs are an innovative way to add depth and creativity to any dish; they are, essentially, fresh forms of the flower or herb that have been preserved in sugar, giving recipes a special crunch and “je ne sais quoi”. Other variations of microherbs are delivered to kitchens in the soil they’ve been grown in, so that they are fresh for the customer’s enjoyment. These are often used for edible garnishes on various dishes. Get more info here:

Start a New Chapter by Moving Into a Great Apartment

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Apartments for rent norfolk

Moving is one of the most stressful times that someone might go through in their life. Though there are many factors that cause it to be stressful, finding a great place to live is sure to be one of them. If that is the case, it can be a good idea to check out the Norfolk VA apartments available. No matter why someone might be relocating, the apartments in norfolk virginia provide lots of great options. Because they are available in many different sizes and styles, the Norfolk VA apartments provide something for just about everyone.

There are many benefits to living in Norfolk VA apartments when compared to single unit houses. Many Norfolk apartments can be found in apartment complexes that feature many amenities. Some of the apartments for rent Norfolk features will provide access to gyms, pools, recreation centers, and even laundry facilities. Because using those places can be expensive for individuals who do not have access to them included in their rent, choosing to live in Norfolk va apartments that include those amenities can be a great option. In addition to the extra facilities, many Norfolk VA apartments also offer a communal feel that is difficult to find.

When searching for apartments Norfolk residents have several choices available to them. However, finding the best Norfolk VA apartments for them is not always easy. In order to do so, taking some time to do a bit of research can be a good idea. While some will do so by simply using the internet to compare the pros and cons of many Norfolk va apartments, others will work with a realtor who specializes in the area.