How To Determine The Winners Of An Office Weight Loss Challenge

It has been an ongoing trend for companies to start their own office weight loss challenges to encourage employees to make healthier choices to improve their lifestyles. Some organizations have encountered certain problems with determining winners at the end of each week based on fairness. It used to be that the person who lost the most pounds would win the office weight loss challenge, but this was deemed unfair because people who weigh more have the chance to lose more weight and usually do so quicker. This method was also encouraging employees to lose weight in an unhealthy manner by fasting in order to win a weekly challenge. Companies and employees have been coming up with better and healthier ways to challenge each other and to win weekly prizes.

Some companies have decided to use the percentage of weight lost per week as the basis for determining a winner for the office weight loss challenges. A general consensus has been made that this option is more fair than basing it on pounds lost per week. This method could also lead to people losing weight too quickly, so it is important to have other criteria to determine the weekly winner for office weight loss challenges. Many creative employees enjoy coming up with challenges for determining who wins at the end of each week and one of the best ways to do this is by using a point system. For example, each member of the office weight loss challenge will gain points for healthy decisions they make throughout the week. An employee can gain points by eating the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables or by participating in exercise routines. Since employees cannot be monitored every day of the week, this type of point system will be based on honesty, but members who cheat are only depriving themselves of a healthier lifestyle.

Coming up with prizes can be a challenge in itself, but there are some great ideas that people have come up with that work well for their office weight loss challenges. Some companies charge a small weekly fee for members to participate in the office weight loss challenge, and this money is pooled at the end for a prize. Each member adds up their points throughout the weeks and the person with the most points at the end of the challenge wins all the money. As an added incentive to make healthy choices, members who gain weight during a week may have to pay an extra fee that goes into that pool. Certain companies have been able to get corporate sponsors for their office weight loss challenges in order to have weekly prizes in addition to the grand prize. The length of the challenge can be any amount of time, but some companies choose to hold multiple contests throughout the year where employees can renew their membership to stay on the healthy life track.

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