Kitchen Sanitation Checklist

Kitchen cleanliness

Most people don’t realize that kitchen floors are extremely filthy, with around 830 bacteria for every square inch of the floor in front of the kitchen sink. These bacteria must be kept in check at all times, which is why restaurants follow a kitchen sanitation checklist. By following kitchen safety and sanitation checklists, a restaurant is able to avoid the possibility of people getting illnesses. The FDA sets standards for industries that are involved with handling food, stating that using commercial sanitizer will help keep kitchens cleaner. Restaurants must keep menus, magazines, door handles, and other surfaces that can be contaminated clean.

Kitchen hygiene involves washing hands regularly, before and after preparing food. New studies show regular soap being just as good as antibacterial soap. Finding food safety guidelines is made simple online, and it’s important for restaurants and other industries involved with handling food to create a kitchen sanitation checklist. Companies that sell hand sanitizer produce around 190 million dollars every year. Keeping areas and surfaces clean and free from bacteria is a major part of food preparation safety. Learning how to make an effective kitchen sanitation checklist is done by doing some research and checking out food safety guides on the web.
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