Roasted Garlic Hummus Dip And Other Chickpea Based Delicacies

Roasted garlic hummus

Hummus is a food delicacy that is found in many ethnic culinary areas. Likewise, roasted garlic hummus dip is quite common in kitchens and restaurants across the world and there are many different recipes for making it. While it is quite common in Lebanon, many countries are known for making dishes with hummus. Countries where it has been around for a long time are quite impassioned when it comes to being recognized for it. The Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade, in October 2008, was petitioned by the Association of Lebanese Industrialists to get the European Commission to recognize hummus as unique to that country. This is something else to think about when you have roasted garlic hummus dip. Others question why one location should be associated with it. If you are wondering what is hummus, it is made of mashed or pureed chickpeas. These main ingredients are mixed with tahini, a sesame seed paste, lemon juice, garlic, and salt.

Roasted garlic hummus dip is not the only thing the food is known for. It has also gotten recognition with a Guinness World Record. The largest dish of hummus ingredients ever prepared was made with eight tons of chick peas, plus two tons of lemon juice and 2 tons of tahini. It is not likely the food went to waste either, given the quantity of it people consume all over the world. Aside from the taste and consistency, there are health benefits to including a hummus spread with your meal. All you need is one serving of hummus to get one percent of the dietary recommendations of calcium, potassium, riboflavin, and vitamin B6. There are also healthy amounts of protein in Roasted garlic hummus dip and other food items with chickpeas, which are known to be a good source of nutrition.

There are numerous recipes with hummus and all you have to do is visit a recipe website to see the scope of them. Most of the time, it is made with common ingredients you can find in the supermarket or local store. Being inexpensive and healthy, such delicacies can be included with almost any kind of meal, or just be had as a snack. Roasted garlic hummus dip is just one type; you can also find red pepper, roasted pine nut, sun dried tomato, jalapeno, spinach and artichoke, spicy, and lemon hummus. You can literally stick to the same kind of food and spruce it up in so many different ways to have a unique experience every time.

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