What you need to know about professional website design

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If you’re like the majority of U.S. shoppers, you use the Internet to research and make purchases. Over 50 perfect of U.S. shoppers researched online and then made their actual purchase at a local bricks and mortar store location. Professional website design and an engaging blog writing service can go a long way to getting customers in your front door be online or in a local store.

Professional website development services by companies like LeapGo offer robust bigcommerce design and a targeted blog writing service. Designing a website is more than just creating some fancy code and a cool logo. A good website design company will focus on the front end (customer facing) appearance of a website, while a website development company takes care of the back end or behind the scenes elements. Nowadays you really want a professional web design company that excels at both, like LeapGo. A website’s appearance, load time, navigability, cross browser compatibility, and conversion allowance are all important elements of the entire web browsing experience and should be addressed by your web development company.

Having a blog writing service goes farther than most companies think. Unique localized page content (reviews, directions to the store or service, city specific user generated content) all contribute to higher Google rankings. Companies that use blogging and a blog writing service as marketing tools have over 430 percent more indexed pages, which lead to far more actual customers. What that really shows is that having a high level blog writing service can boost you rankings and lead to more foot traffic be it virtual or real customers in your store.

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