Convenience of a Laptop Scanner


Recent studies show 95 percent of business related data and information is on paper, according to the International Data Corporation. The average employee will print out around 45 pieces of paper every single day, and saving time and money can be achieved by avoiding printed paper. By using a laptop scanner, all data and information can be stored in a digital filing system. About one and a half hours are lost every day by the average employee because of lost or misplaced files. Portable scanners provide business owners a way to store an unlimited amount of documents that can be accessed in a matter of seconds.

The convenience of a laptop scanner is increased through the utilization of cloud computing. All documents can be uploaded to the cloud, which increases the productivity of an employee. Spending on cloud computing is expected to reach 100 billion dollars by the year 2014. Reviews about laptop scanners can be found on various websites, including social networking sites. InfoTrends stated more than 1 trillion of pieces of paper are printed, copied or faxed every year in America alone. Legal documents are still kept in physical format, but they can be backed up digital as well. A business card scanner or a laptop scanner can be used to scan receipts, business cards, contracts, legal documents, and other types of paperwork.
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