When You Rent a Photo Booth You Can Expect Alot

San diego photo booth rental

Along with most everything else in life today, technology has touched photo booth sales and photo booth rentals. The curtained box you remember from trips to the mall or a boardwalk does alot more now than produce a poor quality strip of photos. William Pope and Edward Poole, who patented the first automated photography machine in Baltimore in 1888, would surely be amazed how far their contraption has come.

It took a few years since its invention for the photo booth to hit the commercial scene. Customers could first use a photo booth as we know it on Broadway in 1925. Skip to the 21st century, and you can choose from many photo booth companies to rent a photo booth. Today the photo booth comes to you. Rent a photo booth for a party, wedding or other event. Photo booth rental is readily available at a reasonable cost. It is even economically viable to buy a photo booth for your home or business.

The cost of a digital camera keeps dropping. At first, a consumer could expect to spend around $10,000 to own one. And even though at one time a rare 1923 Leica camera sold for $2.8 million, presently an excellent digital camera is well within most budgets. Couple the cost of digital photography with the high quality of output, photo booth rental for weddings and other venues is more and more popular.

Digital cameras allow greatly enhanced photos and, other electronic features add to the excitement when you rent a photo booth. Like the photo booth, digital photography has also made huge advances in quality and availability. The camera in a photo booth offers way more than the lowly 1.4 megapixels provided by the first digital camera. A photo booth company may offer direct connection to social media as well, so you can post your pictures immediately.

Try it out. Rent a photo booth, grap some funny hats and glasses, and watch your friends and family enjoy a unique experience!

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