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Inventing a new product is hard. What most people don’t realize is that marketing that new product is even harder. From developing an advertising strategy to testing to launching an infomercial, the process is detailed and for some, daunting. Many decisions must be made, not the least of which is how to advertise. With so many media outlets, some companies find it difficult to choose where to direct their efforts. The secret best answer? Everywhere. Just by mixing media, companies can not only save 75 percent on advertising costs, but achieve better results. This approach is called “blended media.” Through blended media, advertisers are able to “blitz” various media channels including direct response television, digital marketing, radio, print advertising, talk shows, news and in flight ads. Beyond those avenues, use of social media can also help to boost sales.

One of the most effective channels for selling a new product is the infomercial. Juxtaposed with print advertisements, video ads proved 50 percent more successful in viewer retention and resulted in a 72 percent faster buying decision from the average consumer according to a study by the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. DRTV, or “direct response television” begins by finding the right informercial producer. TV ad production companies and Drtv companies know that the key to a successful infomercial campaign begins with testing. Still, one of the most common and biggest mistakes companies make in infomercial marketing is failure to test the message first. Testing can be quick and simple, conducted online or can involve putting the infomercial itself in front of particular markets. Regardless, it is important to use the most effective media outlets for testing.

That’s why DRTV is often chosen by infomercial production companies for testing. DRTV, the method of selling to consumers directly through their televisions not only has a broad reach, but with the average infomercial lasting 28 minutes and 30 seconds, it enables advertisers to spend an adequate amount of time educating consumers about a product. TV ad production companies use four major strategies in DRTV advertising. In bound telemarketing using calls to action like “buy our product” or “take advantage of this exclusive TV offer boost sales by creating urgency and convenience. Sometimes, DRTV is used to generate leads by encouraging consumers to call for more information. Other ads drive viewers to purchase a product online, and still others drive viewers to retail stores. Beyond the sales generated by TV ad production companies and infomercials, DRTV’s success is also easily measured, making it an ideal testing ground. The case for working with an infomercial company is strong, but few know what to look for in a TV ad production company. Here are a few things to look for:

1. Ask to view specific examples of the last 3 to 5 productions completed within the budget you’ve been quoted.
2. Confirm that the company is familiar enough with your industry to communicate effectively with your consumer base.
3. Get a written guarantee that you will at least get the production values shown in the productions you liked best.
4. Ask for references from the last 5 projects.
5. Make sure the scripts and storyboards give you a clear understanding of the shooting and editing process. Know that a well cut video lasting 10 minutes usually has over 200 edits, so what you see on the set does not necessarily depict what you will see on screen.

TV ad production companies can help create marketing that will boost sales immeasurably, as long as the process is undertaken the right way. Be alert and ask questions. Your involvement can only pay off in the end! More like this blog:


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    what if you have your own idea of how you want it to be? can they hellp you?

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