Create Better SEO for Your Business with These Three Tips

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Did you know that an incredible 90 percent of experiences begin with a search engine? Most people want SEO, or search engine optimization, because they something to sell, and SEO can help them rank higher in search results for keywords relating to their products or services.

I will let you know right off the bat that most small businesses decide to invest in outsource SEO to handle their content SEO needs. The simple SEO tips I will give you are a good starting place, but if you find yourself wanting a greater return, consider calling an expert. That said, here are the top SEO tips that form the basis of even the most expert SEO companies.

1. Keep a blog

Did you know that 40 percent of US companies keep a blog on their website? This is because they understand how content influences web rankings. Blogs not only increase pages for search indexing by 400 percent, but they also serve as a great way to draw users in via informative content. When you write blogs, keep things interesting, topical, and relevant. Is this an opportunity for you to regurgitate your company promises? No. That is not something anyone is searching for. They want to know HOW to pick a good plumber, not why you are the best plumber in the city. Good formatting is key to keeping reader interest. Break everything into small paragraphs, and use something like images or infographics to illustrate your points.

2. Use website analysis tools such as Google Analytics

Understanding the data behind your web traffic is key to good optimization. How do you know which keywords to promote in your content, if you do not understand which keywords are the most likely to bring visitors to your site? Google Analytics can also inform you about jump rates, which pages get the most clicks, what your audience demographics look like, and how well you promote your company with social media, and these are all information points you can use to streamline your marketing approach. Social media tips for small businesses are important because it can make a big impact in local awareness.

3. Quality website design is key

It kills me to see a website invest hundreds of dollars in SEO, only to see this translate into few sales because their website is poorly designed. Long gone is the age when simply having a website was enough to give you an edge on the competition. Does your website take longer to load? After four seconds, most people will navigate away. Does your website have a poor layout? Navigability is key in keeping people on your page and interested. Do you use multiple fonts, have a bad text to image ratio, or lack mobile compatibility? The year 2002 has come and gone, and so has that era of sub par web design. The best SEO tips will say to invest in great design the same as you would invest in having a clean and functional in person storefront.


  1. Mike Chanler

    good points! also worth mentioning, dont use black hat marketing tricks!

  2. Kylie Spencer

    what is black hat marketing? I dont think ive ever heard of that

  3. Melvin Mendez

    what is black hat marketing? I dont think ive ever heard of that

  4. Lawrence Boyd

    what is black hat marketing? I dont think ive ever heard of that

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    what is black hat marketing? I dont think ive ever heard of that

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    what is black hat marketing? I dont think ive ever heard of that

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