Secrets to a Great Marketing Campaign

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Developing an internet advertising strategy for a small business is a critical endeavor. Local online advertising is a major source of conversions for small businesses because it puts a company’s brand in front of potential customers who are local and in a position to interact with it. This local online advertising can come in the form of email marketing, social media, or search marketing, all of which we will talk about today.

Email Marketing

According to one study, 70% of all business owners spend three hours or less per week on email marketing. Given that email marketing is a top driver of conversions, this figure hardly makes sense. Using email marketing as part of your internet marketing for small business can help you reach out to past customers, current customers, and potential customers with opportunities for up-sale, cross-sale, and special promotions. Working with a professional organization also can help you make sure you’re using the right types of subject lines and formats to grab attention and start making conversions.

Social Media

Aside from being an essential part of customer interaction, social media is critical to brand management. In its absence, minor problems can quickly escalate into public relations disasters. Social media provides the friendly face a small business is looking for and is incredibly helpful for the distribution of new blog content, promotional material, and even customer polls.

Search Marketing

According to a study performed by comScore qSearch, there are 4.9 billion Internet searches each month, equating to almost 2,000 a second. As such, search engines are an important place for local online advertising. Though PPC ads can be useful in some ways, 80% of search engine users claim to always or usually ignore sponsored links. Instead, they click on highly ranked organic results which are usually achieved through great content marketing. Blogs are a great way to create the quality, relevant content that helps boost rankings and can even be a great source of conversions. More than half of all businesses have acquired customers through their company blogs.

An Extra Tip

Though local online advertising is very important, local advertising off the web is also essential to a complete advertising campaign. Don’t discount advertising in the yellow pages, using direct mailings, and television commercials. Yellow pages advertising, mailings, and commercials can not only reach an even wider audience, but can all point back to your website, the centerpiece of your online presence.

Neither online nor offline advertising can be neglected in a complete advertising campaign. Get in touch with a marketing professional to get started on the road toward a great online presence and an effective offline strategy. Check out this website for more:

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