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There are many small to medium cities in America that often go forgotten when it comes to vacation destination planning. But for the budget conscious folks who are seeking a getaway from daily life (and away from the glitz and uber expense of popular vacation hotspots) these cities can often serve as a welcome reprieve. Such is the case with Rochester, NY, a medium sized city that is home to approximately one million people.

Also known as the Flour City, Rochester, New York, is not only ranked as one of the most livable cities (according to the 2007 edition of Places Rated Almanac), but it offers hundreds of affordable activities for family fun. (Yes, the winters from bordering on a Great Lake can prove somewhat harsh, but the activities still prove favorable.)

As daylight savings time rears its head and our mornings grow brighter (yet our evenings grow darker a bit sooner each and every day), there are still countless things to do in Upstate New York. The following is an abbreviated list to showcase just a few examples of the fun you and your family can have in Rochester, New York, and the many Rochester hotels you can choose from if you should decide to come our way.

  • Home Grown Goodness
  • The Rochester Public Market is an absolute hidden gem (and one of the greatest in the nation). Open year round on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, you can shop the many produce and food vendors, pick up a delicious breakfast sandwich or two, or gobble some homemade pierogies (best pierogies this side of Chicago … or Warsaw!). If you’re in need of more information about this quasi landmark, check out several blogs Rochester that will give you up to date information.

  • Eat Well and Live Well!
  • Whether you’re craving a five star dining experience or a delicious hidden dive, Rochester has its bases covered. The beauty of this area is that every neighborhood or suburb has its own claim to fame (e.g., the Garbage Plate … thank me later) and the downtown area is always spawning up and coming hotspots for gastronomic delight.

  • Where to Stay
  • Alas, where are you and your loved ones going to rest your weary heads at night? Again, there are Rochester hotels choices to meet any budget or preference. A simple search on several Rochester blogs will reap a ton of options that are sure to suit any requirements.

Keep in mind that some of the best surprises come in little packages. If you’re familiar with the Upstate New York area or Rochester hotels, please share your ideas below! More:

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