Despite Research Into Alternatives, Oil Remains a Vital Energy Source

Oil and gas software solutions

In the 1850’s, the development of new types of machinery and their need of oil for lubrication pioneered the birth of the oil industry. Today, oil well production per day is way higher than it was at that time to meet the massive demand that people have for oil-based products. In addition to needing fuel for cars, oil is used to make several commercial products like solvents, polyester, yarn, pens, plastics, upholstery, and a number of other things. So without oilfield services software and other new technologies that have developed since the birth of the industry, it would be nearly impossible for oil production companies to meet the staggeringly high demand.

There are multiple stages in the life of an oil well, and all are important for making sure people can fill their gas tanks and use the products they depend on. But, the production stage, where oil and gas are actually produced, is the most important stage of an oil well’s life. Because of that, it is important for oil companies to make sure they invest in the best technology and equipment during that time. Without the right oil pumps and management software, they might have trouble avoiding and overcoming problems that lead to inefficiencies. So having the right tools is vital for achieving the maximum amount of oil well production per day.

Though oil remains intensely important today, and accounts for 2.5% of the planet’s GDP and a third of the primary energy supply, steps are being taken to lower those numbers. Alternative energies are being researched and developed to try to reduce oil dependency, and one of the most common options is natural gas. Interestingly enough, most oil wells actually already produce some natural gas, in addition to the oil that people depend on every day. This means that the software and equipment oil companies use might need to change to accommodate the changing need.

Nowadays, the oil industry uses technology and equipment that might not even moderately resemble what was used more than 150 years ago during the early stages of the oil industry. As a result, oil well production per day numbers are higher than they have ever been. And despite the fact that there are lots of companies and great minds working on finding energy alternatives, there are few signs suggesting that those numbers are going to be able to decrease any time in the near future.

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