What Are the Main Parts of an Air Conditioner

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Did you know that the parts of an air conditioner work the same way as a refrigerator? By using a chemical that converts between a liquid and a gas with ease, central air and heat units take the heat inside of a home and transfer it outside. These units are an absolute necessity for some people. Naturally, people will pay expensive air conditioning repair bills when it breaks down.

However, with the proper air conditioning maintenance, the unit will last longer, and continue to work as efficiently as possible reducing home energy consumption. To understand the AC unit’s need for maintenance, it’s necessary to understand what the parts of an air conditioner are, and how they work.

You see, there are four main parts of any air conditioner, which are the expansion valve compressor, condenser and evaporator. In the outside portion of the AC unit is the compressor and the condenser, while the evaporator, which is sometimes a part of the furnace, is always located inside.

Basically, these parts change a special working fluid from its liquid state to a gaseous state. As it evaporates in the evaporator, it extracts heat from the air around it. This part has a fan that blows air over the chilled coils and into the room. The expansion valve regulates how much of the compressed liquid refrigerant moves into the evaporator.

That is how an air conditioner works at its most basic premise, but as you may know, there are many different kinds of AC units, which means that there are different parts of an air conditioner from one to the next. However, by understanding the way these essential parts of an air conditioner work, you can better diagnose what problems your AC unit might be experiencing.

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