The Benefits of Routing Heating System Maintenance

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Now that January 2014 is finally here, a hot water heater not working is the last thing any homeowner needs. Although most experienced homeowners are praying that they will not need to contact a heating service and repair company now that winter is in full swing, a hot water heater not working could be even more costly. That said, annual maintenance by a heating and air conditioning repair service is mandatory for every smart homeowner.

Even the the cost of replacing an entire hot water heater might be cheaper than paying just to replace a broken down furnaces or HVAC system, the possible consequences of a hot water heater not working is the real problem. This is because an out-of-commission hot water heater in the middle of January or February means ice cold water in your pipes.

As all homeowners should realize, when the mercury routinely dipping well below the freezing mark, that ice cold water in your pipes can quickly become solid ice expanding and bursting those pipes. If you did not know it already, this is where the costs of a debilitated hot water heater really become expensive. This is because serious pipe breakage can require significant labor to get at the pipes, which can be more time consuming if the ground is frozen solid. But this can only occur after the broken pipes are found. Finally, homeowners have to pay for the replacement pipes, and for the cost of having them installed.

The above scenario may seem far-fetched, yet it happens to thousands of homeowner every single winter. By contacting a heating and air conditioning maintenance company to check our your heating system prior to the winter, you can avoid frigid night with no heat, and the high costs of repair or replacement.

The bottom line is that hiring a heating-and-air-service for routine maintenance is not optional. At least, it is not optional if you want to rest assured that your home and family will have heat and hot water when it is time to wake up and shower for work or school. Then again, you might be some kind of weirdo who enjoys ice cold showers.

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