How to Install a Snap On Garage Door Screen

Most people are unaware that they can purchase garage door screens to keep bugs and pests out of the garage as they work or socialize with the garage door open while still coming and going freely. These screens are easy to install in just a few steps, as this video shows.

  1. Homeowners unbox the screen, find the center, and line it up with the center of the garage.
  2. They should mark the spot on the wall above the door with a pencil, approximately 2-3 inches higher than the track between the wall and door. A ladder or stepstool may help those who are short.

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  3. The snap screws directly into the wall, and homeowners can hang the screen by center snap.
  4. The process repeats, starting with the next closest snap on the screen until the screen is hung.
  5. In just a few steps, the snap-on garage door screen is now ready to use!

When users want to put the screen away, all they have to do is roll up each side of the screen, ensure it’s tight, and secure it with the provided clips that attach to the wall beside the garage door.

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