What Are Typical Fire Watch Responsibilities?

If you want to become part of a local fire watch, it’s important that you understand the responsibilities that are typically involved with the job. Fire watch attendants are tasked with keeping others safe, whether in professional or rural environments. Let’s review a few of the key responsibilities that come with a fire watch position.

A fire watch attendant is a trained professional who is dedicated to continuous watching during any work with open flame. One of the most important things that a fire watch professional does is understand the location of the alarms facility.

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That knowledge can help make sure that in the event that a fire does break out, the fire watch attendant can quickly alert everyone on the premises and have everyone evacuated safely.

Another, and perhaps the most obvious of a fire watch attendant’s responsibilities, is keeping a continuous watch on the environment. Indoors, this means keeping an eye on gas levels and monitoring open flame use. In a rural environment or out in the woods, this involves keeping watch for any forest fires that may break out.


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