Can You Get Braces as an Adult?

Are you looking into braces for adults and think you are in need of braces? There are 1.2 million adults seeking orthodontic treatment. This is a 39% increase from the past two decades. Why are so many people seeking to get braces at a later age?

First, it could be the aesthetics of having straight teeth. They may have gone their whole life with crooked teeth and decide that they want a change, so they can feel good about themselves.

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Some orthodontists have said that the faces of their practice are changing with the increase in adults coming in to get braces and to fix their crooked teeth. You can go to your orthodontist and get those straight teeth you’ve been dreaming of and discuss financial plans with your orthodontist.

The cost of braces is more if you’re an adult than a child. This is due to the fact that getting braces this late in life could require surgery due to you having a fully developed jaw and mouth. Adults can expect to wear braces for 3 or 4 years, while children usually have them for 2 years. This can all be discussed when you make an appointment with your orthodontist about getting you braces for adults.


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