Why You Should Use a Waterproof Pillow Case

When sleeping, a typical human creates drool, oils, snot, and dead skin. All these things wind up in your pillow, causing its discoloration if a quality waterproof pillowcase does not protect it. In addition to protecting your pillow, waterproof pillow cases safeguard your wellbeing by keeping dust mites and allergens out of your pillow.

A high-quality waterproof pillowcase made from tightly woven textiles shields it against mold and dust infiltration. You could become ill from an exposed pillow or have an allergic reaction or asthma attack.

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Your sleep may be disturbed as a result, and you might wake up feeling worn out. Fortunately, the cases can help your pillow breathe better and increase its lifespan.

Many different materials are available for pillow protectors, including cotton, terry cotton, polyester, bamboo, and even vinyl. Choose bamboo or cotton if you want something cooling. A polyester-based microfiber might be a better option if you prefer softness. Some manufacturers utilize a polyester membrane that is more permeable to allow air to travel through while still keeping liquids out. You will sleep soundly and rejuvenated if your pillow is permeable.


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