Why Routine Roof Inspections Are So Important

Did you know that many homeowners leave roof inspections until the last minute? When you think of doing a maintenance checklist on your home, it’s essential to include your roof as part of your list. If you don’t know why you should get roof inspections done regularly, you’re not alone.

This is why you should keep a guide of roof inspection tips that are readily available. The last thing that you want is to deal with unexpected expenses because you left your roof inspection to the last minute. Keep reading to find out why you should get roof inspections done at your earliest convenience.

They Can Detect Damages

You’d be surprised to find how easy it is to overlook a roofing inspection. But, you shouldn’t. You should consider adding a yearly reminder to get your roof inspection done.

There are many reasons why you should get roof inspections conducted as regularly as possible. The fact is that this is the kind of preventative maintenance that you should address before it gets worse. It’s essential to know how to do a quick assessment of your roof before calling a roofing inspector to find out what the damage is.

The first thing that you should consider is drawing up a roof inspection checklist. Here, you can go through the following concerns.

  • Blistering or curling shingles.

  • Worn-out rubber boots on your vent pipes.

  • Any moss or lichen to signal to decay on your roof.

  • Cracks or rust spots on your flashing.

  • Grit in the gutters

Whenever you find certain things such as damaged or loose shingles, you must replace them as soon as possible. If you feel comfortable doing it yourself, it shouldn’t be a hassle. However, you should know what you’re doing.

Contacting a professional roofing contractor to conduct your roofing inspection is an ideal way to ensure that you go through every nook and cranny on your roof. Before you decide on which contractor to use, you should get at least three quotations. Moreover, you should find a contractor who is insured should anything happen while they’re busy with your roof inspection.

While roof damage can occur at any time, there are certain signals that you should be aware of. If you see any of the following in your home, you should start thinking of why you should get roof inspections done.

  • Paint that peels on the underside of your roof overhangs.

  • Any dark areas on your ceiling.

  • Damp spots on walls and alongside your fireplace.

  • Any water stains on the pipes or furnace.

They Can Ensure Proper Drainage

It’s essential to keep your roof drainage system functioning at optimal levels. One of the reasons why you should get roof inspections regularly is that they ensure proper drainage is achieved at all times. The fact is that you depend on your drain more than you realize.

Not only does your roof’s drainage ensure that your home is safe from any standing or surging water, but it helps to protect the exterior of your home. The last thing that you need is water that seeps into any gaps outside your home. You can only imagine the amount of damage that can potentially cause.

The type of drainage system that you have depends on the kind of roof that you have. Additionally, it depends on what that particular roof includes. For instance, your roof can include an interior drain, gutter, and downspouts.

These are additions that are necessary to direct water away from your home. This helps to keep the foundation of your home in prime condition. An interior drain works with the pipes that run through your home toward the sewer system.

There are many ways that water can cause damage to your home’s structure. A functional drainage system should have the capacity to avoid clogging while it gets rid of a large amount of water quickly. If you have a flat roof and your drainage system can’t remove water, the water can pond on your roof.

Not only will this water add weight and pressure to your roof, but it can inevitably lead to basement or foundation problems. Any standing water can also cause your metal roof to deteriorate faster which requires you to schedule a metal roof replacement sooner than you expected. You need to be both observant and proactive to ensure that your drainage system is well maintained.

The following are basic maintenance tips that are recommended by experts.

  • Inspect your roof at least twice a year.

  • Remove anything that can impact the status of your drainage system such as tree branches.

  • Clean your downspouts and gutters thoroughly.

  • Repair any cracks that you see on your drain and secure strainers in place.

  • Fix any problems when you first notice them, don’t wait until it’s too late.

They Are a Leak Assessment

The good thing about knowing why you should get roof inspections done is that they save you a lot of money and unnecessary headaches. Let’s be honest, a leaky roof will cause many cascading issues in your home. It can even end up ruining your floors and other major insulation problems.

The thing about getting a roofing company to fix your leaky roof is that you ensure that you get the job done properly. If you know how to fix a leaky roof, you can save a lot of money. Either way, your home will thank you for preserving it and increasing its value.

There are some considerations to keep in mind when thinking of doing roof leak repairs. Safety is the most important of them all. Other things that come into consideration are the types of materials and tools that you need.

This is how you can manage a successful repair when you have a leaky roof.

1. Find the Leak

If you have a ceiling stain, you should start here and work your way toward your roof. You’ll notice the source of your leaky roof will have a black and moldy stain. Also, check your roof vents as they’re the usual sources of major roof leaks in your home.

2. Examine Roof Vents

Since roof vents cause most of the leaks in your home, it’s crucial to make sure that the condition of your roof vents is at its best. If you find any damaged vents, you should remove them and replace them with newer ones. An exterior sealant is a great way to seal the new vents to avoid any further leaks.

3. Remove Old Shingles

When the leak stems from where your shingles are located, you should consider removing them. You’ll need to gain access to the damaged part of the shingles by working your way carefully toward the damaged section. If there are any loose nails, you should ensure that they’re secured.

4. Wear and Tear

Widespread wear and tear on your roof is something that causes immense damage when left unattended. You should know why you should get roof inspections so that you can evaluate any wear and tear that can be missed. Notice if you see any wide gaps in your roof or if any materials such as shingles are missing or not.

They Will Check Weathering and Aging

There are many conditions that roofs endure. Think of the amount of heat when the sun scorches for months. Then, there are the relentless ultraviolet rays that emit radiation at extreme levels.

The temperatures that your roof reaches in summer cause a lot of problems in the long run. Weathering is something that you can’t avoid despite the amount of preparation that you do even when you know why you should get roof inspections done. Many climatic and external influences are bound to affect your roof over time.

Roofing services can protect your roof from the hostility of environmental effects. The one thing that weather does on your roof is that it affects the quality of your shingles. When it’s too hot, the heat will shorten the lifespan of your shingles. And, when your roof is exposed to wetter conditions, the moisture causes deterioration and deck movements that will ultimately affect your shingles and roof.

The main weathering and aging that affects your roof is the following.

  • Wind

  • Heat

  • Rain

  • Snow

They Will Find Necessary Improvements

The great thing about knowing why you should get roof inspections done is that you will know when it’s time to contact a roofing contractor to make necessary improvements. You should understand that re-roofing your home or making any changes to your roof is an expensive and lengthy project that you can tackle. The good news is that there are many valuable benefits to it when you’re done with your roof improvements.

If you don’t know what necessary improvements you should make, you’re not alone. Having a professional by your side should be ideal. However, the following are some of the upgrades that you should keep in mind if you want your roof to function optimally.

  • If you have a chimney, think of installing a chimney cap to help keep the rain out.

  • Consider eave flashing if you experience a lot of snowstorms in your area.

  • Improve the ventilation of your roof.

  • Opt for energy-efficient shingles.

  • Choose low-maintenance gutters.

They Will Check for Missing Shingles

Checking for missing shingles isn’t something that you should delay. However, you should know how to conduct an assessment of your shingles. If you don’t know how you should consider getting roofers to do it for you.

Shingles break easily when you get on your roof to inspect them yourself, you run the risk of breaking them. If you have a drone, you can inspect the ground while ensuring your safety. But, a professional will make it easier to do the inspection and replace any missing shingles.

If you have missing shingles, the earliest signs that you’ll notice are excessive moisture and pests that come from the roof. The best way to know if these are signs of any missing shingles is to get a professional as they can identify the problem faster.

They Will Check for Moss Growth

Moss growth will always be bad for your roof. If you live in an area with a wet and cooler climate, you are likely to experience more moss growth. The following are the reasons why moss is bad for your roof and why you should call a local roofing service to remove it as soon as possible.

  • It produces constant moisture that can lead to devastating rot on your roof.

  • The growth of moss happens slowly, but it can cause damage as it pushes under your roof tiles, shingles, and shakes.

  • Moss growth causes damage that can include holes in your roof.

  • Pests are very attracted to moss growth.

  • Since it holds a lot of water, moss can be quite heavy on your roof which will add weight and pressure to it.

They Will Make Sure Services Are Done, If Needed

When you use a roof repair service it simplifies your life. There are many ways that you can improve the status of your roof. A professional will always help you make the right decision by letting you know why you should get roof inspections done.

You’ll be surprised to find that you don’t always need a roof replacement. When in doubt, ensure that you get a professional to assist you to make the right decision.

In summary, you need to know why you should get roof inspections done regularly. When you have an idea of your roof’s needs, it makes it easier to find ways to improve how it functions. The thing about your roof is that many components ensure that it works adequately.

If one of these components isn’t working well, you’ll face more problems than you can imagine. For example, when your drainage system is impaired due to clogging, you’ll notice that it impacts your roof which ends up affecting your entire home’s structure. Following this guide that tells you why and when you should conduct roof inspections should be valuable to you.

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