Duties of Clinical Lab Consultants

Several excellent work opportunities are available for anyone interested in a career in clinical laboratory technology, such as working as a lab tech. As seen in the video Day in the Life as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist, this occupation requires an individual who can stay focused on their tasks while working in a fast-paced environment.

Work Environment and Scheduling

Most clinical lab consultants work in hospital labs. This allows them to provide fast results to doctors for urgent medical tests.

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Work schedules will vary from one location to the next depending on the need for that area, but most lab consultants can work full-time four to five days per week. Some work days may be slow, while others could be busy.

Primary Work Duties

The main work duty of a clinical lab consultant is to analyze lab samples using a microscope. They scan tissue and other samples by looking at the cells and the content inside them to determine if specific diseases are present. The patterns and other details inside the cells help the lab consultant learn more about the patient’s current condition so they can report the results to the doctor or specialist.


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