6 Home Repairs to Make Before Selling

According to a report published by KORE Shire Partners, 84% of surveyed sellers undertook home improvements before selling their homes. This is a common trend among many homeowners, who often renovate their houses to attract buyers and increase property value.

But while home improvements can boost your home’s value and attract buyers, they could also potentially eat into your profits. Therefore, you need to carefully the projects to invest in. Below are some of the top home repairs to make before selling, which can guarantee a high return on investment and, potentially, more profits.

Your Roof

According to HGTV, poor curb appeal is one of the top issues that scare away buyers when selling a home. And with the roof being one of the most conspicuous features, potential buyers will likely notice visible issues with your roof.

Additionally, before a buyer signs an agreement, they’ll likely have the house inspected. Consequently, the home inspection can reveal hidden issues. Therefore, fixing your roof is one of the most critical home repairs to make before selling.

Some top roof repairs you should make include replacing damaged or missing shingles, fixing damaged flashing, removing vegetation & mildew, repairing leaks, and replacing or improving the insulation. You should also hire roofers to repair any structural damage.

Additionally, the contractors you hire can restore your roof by pressure washing it, re-painting, applying a prime & coating, etc. Alternatively, you can consider a new roof installation, which may be necessary if your existing roof is damaged beyond repairs. Of course, this will be an expensive project, costing $9,092 on average.

However, according to the National Association of Realtors, roof replacements have a high ROI and can recoup up to 109% of the total costs when selling. Therefore, a new roof can be a great way to add value to your home. On top, it will significantly improve your home’s curb appeal, thus making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Your Plumbing

Plumbing is another top issue that can scare away potential buyers when selling your home. Problems such as water leaks are inconvenient, and some people might not want to deal with them immediately after purchasing a house. Additionally, plumbing problems can lead to costly issues such as water damage, mold, and foundation damage, which most buyers will avoid at all costs. Therefore, fixing your plumbing system is one of the top home repairs to make before selling.

Before listing your house, you should call a plumber to fix issues such as leaking pipes, low water pressure, clogged bathroom and kitchen drains, backed-up septic tank, etc. Additionally, you can repair or replace damaged plumbing appliances like the water heater and water boiler.

Besides repairs, you can also invest in a few plumbing upgrades. Some top upgrades you can make include replacing the water faucets, sinks, shower heads, and toilets. These are inexpensive, yet they spruce up your home and increase its functionality – thus making it more appealing to buyers.

Lastly, you can consider significant plumbing remodels if your budget allows it. These include replacing your water pipes and drain lines, especially if your home has an outdated plumbing system. In addition, you could replace plumbing fixtures and appliances such as dishwasher, bathtub, and shower cubicles. Of course, these projects can be expensive, but according to HomeGuide, they can offer a high ROI, especially when sprucing up areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.

The Foundation

According to Homedit, the foundation is one of the top issues that can pop up when a potential buyer inspects your home. And given how expensive foundation repairs can be, most aspiring homeowners tend to avoid them. Therefore, trying to sell a house with foundation problems can lead to delays (as you fix them) or low offers that decrease the value of your home. This makes fixing foundation problems one of the top home repairs to make before selling.

So, before you contact a realtor about listing your home, you should hire a foundation repair contractor to fix any issues. This includes sinking foundations, gaps between the walls and the trim, cracks in the floor, walls, & ceilings, bowing walls, leaning chimneys, etc. Water damage and mold infestation are other serious foundation issues that you should fix promptly.

Of course, some of the foundation problems might be hidden, and you might not realize they are there until an inspection reveals them. To avoid this, you should assess your home thoroughly for tell-tale signs of foundation problems such as cracks, uneven floors, sticking doors & windows, etc.

Alternatively, you can conduct a pre-listing home inspection, which can reveal hidden foundation issues and any other problems with your home. Therefore, you can fix them before listing your home, saving you time and helping maintain your home’s value.

Your AC Unit

Fixing your HVAC unit is another of the top home repairs to make before selling, and with good reason. First, according to Angi, a new AC unit costs between $3,882 and $12,000. Therefore, many sellers will try to avoid a home where they might incur such high expenses soon after purchasing it.

The vital role of air conditioning in your home is another top reason you should carry out AC repairs before selling. Besides keeping your home cool, it also helps to control the humidity, remove pollens and contaminants from the air, and protect your home against parasites & insects. Therefore, selling your home with a faulty AC can be very difficult.

Fortunately, you can avoid all these hassles by hiring an AC repair technician to fix problems with your air conditioning unit. These include damaged coils, a clogged drain hose, a faulty AC fan, a damaged fuse, a faulty thermostat, a damaged compressor, etc. But, even if your unit has no issues, you can still benefit by hiring a contractor to give it a tune-up. For example, replacing the air filters and cleaning the coils and ducts can help improve your AC unit’s efficiency.

Lastly, you can opt for AC replacement if your current unit is damaged beyond repair or near its end. This can be expensive, with a new air conditioner costing around $10,000. However, according to Angi, a new AC unit can increase your home’s value by up to 7% and recoup up to 60% of the replacement costs.

Your Driveway

According to HomeLight, an unkempt driveway is one of the top factors that can drive buyers away and lower your home’s value. After all, a driveway is one of the most conspicuous features of your property and, thus, will heavily influence its curb appeal. This makes fixing your driveway another one of the most essential home repairs to make before selling.

So, before listing your home, you should hire asphalt contractors to fix any issues with your driveway. These can include visible cracks, loose edges, frequent potholes, pooling water, weeds, etc. These are issues that your contractor can fix by patching the damaged areas, repairing the drainage issues, controlling weeds, etc.

Another excellent driveway idea is to restore it. This can be ideal if your driveway has problems that can’t be easily patched or when you want to give it a facelift. For example, you can resurface the driveway, thus fixing any structural issues. You could also restore its aesthetic appeal by pressure washing or resealing it.

However, if your driveway has suffered extensive damage, you should look into asphalt paving companies offering replacement services. A new driveway will fix any problems you are experiencing and give your home’s exterior a significant boost in aesthetic appeal. This can help to attract more potential buyers.

Your Lawn

The lawn is another vital part of your home that you should pay attention to. It’s very conspicuous and thus can scare away buyers if it’s in poor condition. Therefore, fixing up your lawn and yard is one of the top home repairs to make before selling if you want to receive fast offers. On top of that, according to Bob Villa, some landscape projects have a high ROI and can increase your home’s value by up to 20%.

When fixing your yard, lawn care is one of the top services you must hire. First, you need to mow your lawn, which will keep your yard looking neat and foster the vigorous growth of the turf. Other lawn care services you may need include pest & weed control, irrigation (sprinkler installation), fertilization, mulching, reseeding, etc.

Besides the lawn, you should also hire an arborist to take care of the trees in your yard. They can offer you various tree care services such as trimming & pruning, pest & weed control, tree planting & moving, mulch application, fertilization, tree treatment, etc. Alternatively, you can hire them to remove unwanted trees on your property.

Lastly, you can fix your lawn and yard by cleaning up dirt and debris. This can include construction waste left behind after renovation and repairs, fallen leaves, dead trees, fallen branches, weeds, etc. For an easier time, you can hire a dumpster rental to throw the debris during the cleanup. And once you’re done, the rental company can haul away the dumpster with the trash from your property.

Your Electrical System

Fixing electrical problems is another of the essential home repairs to make before selling. Before most people close a deal on a home, they will hire a home inspector, and one of the top areas of focus will be the electrical system. Therefore, the sale of your home could be delayed, and you can even receive a low offer if any issues are discovered.

On top of that, according to Electrical Safety Foundation, faulty electrical systems are a leading cause of residential electrical fires. These fires often result in extensive property damage, severe injuries, and sometimes, death. Therefore, fixing your home’s electrical problem will not only help you to sell faster, but it will also make the home safer for you and the new buyers.

Some of the top problems you should hire an electrician to fix include faulty circuit breakers, exposed wiring, faulty or broken light fixtures, electrical outlets, and low amperage. You should also hire a contractor for a rewiring job if your home has an old and outdated wiring system.

Besides electrical repairs, you can also invest in a few upgrades, which can help make your home more enticing for potential buyers. For example, you can replace outdated light fixtures with brighter, more stylish, and energy-efficient ones. In addition, you can add more electrical outlets or even install smart switches and outlets for increased convenience and functionality.

Your Floors

Floors are one of the most conspicuous areas of your home’s interior. Therefore, aspiring homeowners walking through your house will notice problems with your flooring. At best, this can lead to a lower offer than expected. However, poorly maintained floors will scare away potential buyers in worst-case scenarios. Therefore, floor updates are other top home repairs to make before selling.

Some flooring issues that you must fix before listing your home include cracked tiles, scratched hardwood floors, dirty or stained floors, dusty or worn-out carpets, etc. With most of these issues, repairs can help to restore your floors to their original appeal. For example, you can easily replace broken or missing tiles and repair cracks in hardwood floors using wood glue or filler.

Besides repairs, you can restore various flooring materials in your home if they look worn out. For example, you can refinish hardwood floors and re-apply grout for tiles. You can also restore your carpets and rugs by hiring professional cleaning services to eliminate accumulated dirt, dust, and debris.

Lastly, you can replace various flooring surfaces in your home. This can be expensive but necessary if your floor is badly damaged. Additionally, it can be very beneficial by adding significant value to your home. For example, according to the National Association of Realtors, new hardwood floors can recoup up to 118% of the replacement costs when selling your home. Tiles and carpets are other flooring materials with good ROI.

Selling your home requires making many decisions, like repairing or selling it as-is. And while making improvements costs money, it offers several benefits, such as increasing the value of your house and attracting more buyers. However, you must focus on the most vital projects to enjoy these benefits. If you’re thinking about listing your property, the above are some of the top home repairs to make before selling.

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