Your Basic Guide to Use a Bottle Cap Machine

When preserving the freshness of beverages, using a bottle cap machine is essential. It’s important to begin by getting familiar with the different parts of a bottle capper, as mentioned in the video. Let’s dive in!

Capping Drinks

First, make sure to have a reliable and sturdy capping device that provides consistent pressure to seal the bottles. Then, ensure the appropriate capping head size matches the bottle caps you intend to use. Now that the equipment is set up, it’s time to prepare the bottles for capping.

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Thoroughly sanitize each bottle to eliminate any potential contaminants that could compromise the quality of the beverage. Once sanitized, fill each bottle with the drink, leaving the correct headspace for carbonation. Place a sanitized bottle cap on each filled bottle, positioning it in the middle of the opening. Align the capping head directly above the cap, making sure it’s centered before firmly pressing down on the handles of the capper. Apply consistent pressure until a popping sound is heard. Repeat this process for each bottle until all have been capped securely.


Finally, it’s crucial to inspect each capped bottle to ensure no visible signs of leakage or faulty seals. By following these step-by-step instructions with a professional approach, people can confidently use a bottle capper to preserve the quality and integrity of beverages. Get ready to benefit from an efficient and convenient machine!

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