Auto Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coatings What Works Best?

Many people put significant resources into their cars. They spend more money buying them and put more money and time into maintaining their appearance. It can be challenging for people who are concerned about their car’s appearance when they live in an area that experiences snow in the winter and the sand and road salt used to melt the snow and ice.

The sand and road salt can be sent airborne by the vehicle in front of you on the road with the result that they impact your car and can ship your paint. In addition, if you do not remove the sand and salt from the surface before scrubbing the vehicle, it often mars the paint with swirling scratches.

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Two methods to avoid or reduce these problems are ceramic coatings and paint protection film (PPF) or auto paint protection film. Ceramic coating helps keep the vehicle cleaner since water, sand, and chemicals do not adhere to the surface as easily. Water, for example, runs off the vehicle’s surface, taking unwanted substances with it.

Auto paint protection film protects the paint by reducing scratching and the swirling patterns mentioned earlier. It also protects against rock chips. Surfaces that do not get treated with PPF tend to have more and deeper chips, with some chips penetrating through the paint and primer, exposing bare metal. Your use and choice of treatments depend on how much you want to protect your vehicle’s appearance.


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