Whats the Difference Between a Mediation Lawyer and a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer?

If you are going through a contentious divorce, you have probably heard of different approaches to resolving the conflict. The attached YouTube video elaborates on the difference between a collaborative divorce lawyer and a divorce mediator. The narrator explains that when using a collaborative approach, many experts must be present.

For example, each spouse would have a lawyer, and there would be a financial counselor present.

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A psychologist may be asked to evaluate both people. If children are from the union, a child psychologist — and possibly an additional lawyer to represent the child — would be required. To evaluate the value of any property, a real estate expert may be present.

With a divorce mediator, all those people aren’t utilized. Both lawyers will present all the available information – especially the areas that anger both ex-spouses. The mediator is charged with finding a lawful compromise solution and (if possible) not punitive to either party.

There are occasions when other experts would be consulted during mediation — especially as it concerns the custody of children. However, because these experts are only requested as needed, divorce mediation almost always costs less. Since mediation uses fewer people, it resolves the divorce in less time. However, collaborative divorce lawyers will be a necessity in many more complex cases.

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