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The Custom Engagement Ring Process

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Are you interested in a custom engagement ring? Maybe you are thinking about having one made, or maybe you are curious about what goes into the process. In this video, you will learn all about the custom engagement ring creation process, from start to finish. This will be an in-depth look at the life of a custom ring, something not many people get a glimpse into.

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You’ll be able to see just what goes into that perfect piece of jewelry.

The process begins with a sketch where all the ideas for the ring can be put on paper and planned out. The final drawing then gets rendered into a 3D processing program where the engineering requirements are figured out before it can be finalized. A mold is then 3D-printed, and finally, the ring is cast. The video will give you a detailed look into each of these steps, showing you all the fine intricacies and craftmanship. The final product will no doubt amaze you now that you know what such jewelry takes to be crafted.


Take a Tour of a Hospital Care Clinic

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A medical care clinic is different from other parts of a hospital since it focuses on outpatient care, or care given to people who come in, get what they need, and go home. They do not need emergency services and do not need to stay overnight. Here’s a closer look at one such clinic, the Sharp Grossmont Hospital Care Clinic in California.

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What is Treated

Health care clinics help treat minor injuries and illnesses, freeing up vital resources for emergency cases. They are often less expensive than emergency rooms. Opening hours are often all day and into part of the night. People with the flu, persistent cough, minor injuries, minor burns, eye infections, ear infections, or sprains can be helped. Some care clinics will have small pharmacies, but many will be able to write prescriptions that you can take to the pharmacy of your choice.

No Appointment Needed

Unlike most doctors’ offices, no appointments are needed at a medical care clinic. Just walk in. Expect to wait. However, most clinics do offer appointments. These can be scheduled over the phone, in person, or online. Most insurance plans are accepted. Call first to see what plans are accepted and if they accept self-pay, where a patient pays the entire bill with cash or credit card. Payment policies change quickly.