Eliminate Emerald Ash Borers From Your Property With Emerald Ash Borer Control

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Ash borer treatment

If you have had problems with Emerald Ash borer in the past, then you know firsthand what a pain this little pest can be. This beetle has destroyed millions of ash trees over the years, and it is a menace to homeowners who have ash trees on their property. Luckily, there are safe yet effective methods of emerald ash borer control, and they are helping people rid their trees of this harmful pest permanently. The emerald ash borer was identified in 2002 as a beetle that is very active during the summer and fall months. And if you see the emerald ash borer, you are urged to report it immediately. The larvae of this beetle are creamy white and have no legs. The body segments look like bells that have become flat. The symptoms of a tree that has been infected with the emerald ash borer are that a tree begins to die back at the top, and this slowly progresses to the rest of the tree. Another symptom of the borer is there are sprouts that begin to grow on the roots and trunk. Also, you may see some of the bark splitting on one of the trees. Plus, the tree may have snake like tunnels and exit holes where the borer dug through the tree. If you see these signs and symptoms, then it is time for you to apply some effective emerald ash borer control.

There are some proven, effective, yet safe ash borer treatments on the market today, and they can be found in your local home and garden store. But if you would like to have a professional approach to emerald ash borer control, then make a call to one of the Lake Bluff landscaping companies and let them handle the emerald ash borer for you. The landscaping in lake bluff experts will be happy to come to your home and assess the damage, so they can see what needs to be done. They will apply the most effective methods for emerald ash borer control and they will get rid of the critters once and for all. The Libertyville landscaping professionals are also familiar with the emerald ash beetle, and also know proven methods of emerald ash borer control. Call your local landscaping experts today so they can help you with emerald ash borer control. They know how to do the job right the first time.