Protect Consumer Data With Next Generation Network Security Data

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Professional hackers and others looking to exploit weaknesses in Internet security are creatively coming up with new ways to disrupt your online experience each day, corrupting your files and stealing your personal information. Google alone finds 9,500 malevolent websites on a daily basis. Some of these sites exist solely to propogate malware that hacks into legitimate websites. Security issues don’t just occur with privately owned websites, but also on those belonging to government agencies. An international hacker was able to access approximately 3.6 million tax returns by hacking into the South Carolina Department of Revenue’s computer files in 2011. On a federal level, the number of cybersecurity break ins have skyrocketed within the last six years by almost 680 percent .

Next gen network security can enable you to thwart these kinds of breaches and protect your information and property online. Any good network security platform will have an intrusion prevention system. This system usually includes one of six different varieties of firewall, be it a hardware based or software based enterprise firewall, a SOHO firewall, or a specialty firewall. A quality next generation network will utilize an intrusion detection system that includes a suitable firewall program.

Because more than half of businesses don’t comprehend the dire consequences of cybersecurity threats,which can corrupt the network containing their consumers’ data, a next generation network is essential, with top tier next gen network security to match.