Finding a Modern Toilet and Acoutrements

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Modern toilet

If you are in the market for a modern toilet, there are a number of water saving toilets out there right now to fit your needs. Since Thomas MacAvity Stewart invented the first vortex flushing modern toilet in 1907, modern toilets have become sleeker and more efficient as the decades have gone by. Nowadays, pressure assisted toilets use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush according to US law, but prior to the 1950s, each flush used 7 gallons of water or more.

Contemporary toilets have made life for much of the world much cleaner and more sanitary than ever before in history, but nearly 2.5 billion people across the globe are still without what many of us consider a basic necessity of life. Indeed, while many of us wonder about the best water efficient toilets might be for our modern lifestyle, over one billion people around the world still defecate in the open, with another billion using only pits in the ground to relieve themselves. Remember this as you look for the best modern toilet for your lifestyle, and consider how lucky we are to be able to take this type of thing for granted!

Pressure Assisted Toilets

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Contemporary toilets

Pressure assisted toilets are easy to use and convenient, plus they save on water. In fact, if you are really concerned about water conservation you will be interested in finding out about pressure assisted toilets. You may have used pressure assisted toilets in the airport or in some other public restroom somewhere and have not even realized it. These toilets look just like conventional toilets. The only difference you would see is the difference inside the storage tank.

Did you know you get pressure assisted toilets for residential use too? If not, you will be pleasantly surprised to find this is true, especially if you are going to remodel your bathroom soon and will need a new toilet. Pressure assisted toilets may be unique in how they operate, but they are becoming more commonly seen and used. Pressure assisted toilets allow water to build up pressure inside the storage tank. The inner bowl is sealed, but has holes for the pressurized water to go to clean out the toilet bowl when flushed. Instead of using gravity, these kinds of toilets use pressure to clean out the toilet bowl.

There are virtually no problems installing pressure assisted toilets, unless you have a problem with the pressure that comes from the water company. If your home has good water pressure you can rest assured that pressure assisted toilets will work for you. Pressure assisted toilets are also a great selection for apartments. These kinds of toilets require less maintenance calls. Water conservation is also accomplished for apartment buildings that are fitted with pressure assisted toilets.

These types of toilets are much more efficient that gravity toilets. The pressurized water cleans the waste out of the bow much more efficiently. You don’t need pumps or other devices either. You just need good water pressure to your home from your local water company. The only drawback is that these toilets are a little more expensive than gravity toilets are. Some people complained about them being noisier too. However, the noise level is much better now as they have been improved and they are now quieter the first generation of these toilets were. Find out more about pressure assisted toilets by searching online for them today. You will also find various vendors and websites that have pressure assisted toilets for sale. It is a good idea to do some comparison shopping to get the best selection and pricing.