Things SEO Resellers can Talk to Their Clients About

As an Seo reseller your job is to resell search engine optimization plans and packages. You’ll need to know a few of the guidelines about the things you can talk about to your clients. They will want to know about certain things if they are going to make wise choices when buying SEO reseller packages. Below are a few topics of conversations SEO resellers can have.

The first thing resellers should talk to their clients about is page layout. Google has to have a clear view of the pay layout where the relevant content is above the fold. If your client’s website page layout isn’t like that you can convince them to buy one of your search engine optimization packages. Another thing you can bring out when you are trying to sell Seo packages is on page optimization. SEO packages should provide audits of the client’s on page optimization so they can see where their mistakes were.

Keyword density is another thing that resellers can discuss with their clients. The proper keyword density must be used in SEO. Resellers can explain this amount to their clients. The keyword density amount that is to be used will depend on the optimization firm you partner with. That is because as the reseller you will be outsourcing client SEO to your partner search engine optimization firm.

Natural link building is another area resellers should discuss the need for link building services. Google likes to see links that are natural in order to give an authentic ranking. The content on websites should not be duplicate content that is found on other sites in order for the website to get the best ranking by Google. These are just some of the important topics that the SEO reseller can discuss with their clients. More information can be gained by talking with the SEO firms about their reseller packages and what you need to tell you clients when reselling SEO for them.

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