Creating a Digital Filing System

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If you are looking for a digital filing system, this is a great way to make files and documents easily accessible from just about anywhere. However, not every digital filing system is going to have the same requirements, so it does pay to ask yourself a few questions prior to going forward with any digital filing system creator you might have in mind. To begin, it should be noted that creating a digital filing system for certain sensitive documents, such as medical files, should always be completely and totally HIPAA compliant. If there are other files that need to be kept confidential during the conversion to a digital filing system, make sure that you are familiar with any and all of the laws governing those types of things as well.

Once you are sure that you are aware of the legalities that might arise during the creation of your digital filing system, ask yourself how secure the system must be. For instance, if you run a small business, do you want your own login ID to be the only one that can access all files, or are there others that you can also delegate this responsibility to? Are there specific users that should have access to some aspects of your digital filing system, but not others? For instance, do you want your bookkeeping and accounting staff to have access to the relevant sections of your files, but keep them out of any research and development documents?

Once you have determined what you want everyone in the office to have access to once your digital filing system has been created and implemented, find a system or company that is known for their stellar work with others in your industry for this type of thing. Retain the services of the very best digital filing system creator you can afford for best results!

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