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Stay At Home Virtual Receptionists

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24/7 receptionists

Stay at home moms who spend most of their day running around and taking care of their families, finding lost socks, making dinner and playing doctor, still find themselves looking for ways to be able to get the feeling back that they had when they were working outside of the house. When they are looking for jobs, however, many stay at home moms are looking for ones that will allow them to be near the children and not have to commute as well as provide enough income that they can supplement what they used to make.

Stay at home moms have the ability to apply for a variety of positions, but will find that most of the positions that will work with their needs are some of the positions for virtual receptionists. For someone who has been a receptionist or someone who has been in marketing, telephone call answering services or customer service positions previously, looking for a work at home virtual receptionist services allows them to be able to feel productive as well as bring in extra cash.

People that work as Virtual receptionists hold a variety positions, usually they still fall under the title of virtual receptionists. They do things such as live answering services by serving as an operator or backup operator when it gets too busy, phone answering services or telephone answering services. This can be especially helpful for doctors’ offices so that patients can get help on the nights and weeks.

Marijuana Abuse is a Serious Matter for Addicts

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Cannabis addiction

The cannabis plant will thrive pretty much anywhere and can grow about 2 inches each day for a total of up to 18 feet if allowed to grow that long. Because it is so easily grown and because the availability of such a drug is pretty widespread, there are many marijuana addicts walking around today. Many who have smoked marijuana for years now are trying to quit, though, to ward off the significant side effects that marijuana abuse can produce.

Marijuana abuse is a serious thing, as evidenced by a three year study that found habitual marijuana smokers to be 3x more likely to have psychotic symptoms. The study, which was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology and that followed 4,045 people who did not have psychosis, shows that cannabis addiction is real and that cannabis treatment is often necessary to prevent such psychotic episodes. If a cannabis addict is lucky enough to get help, this may never have to arise.

Typically, those wondering how to quit smoking marijuana have tried doing so over six times over the course of their 10 year addictions. About half of these people will experience some significant marijuana withdrawal symptoms, including aggression, concentration loss, mood swings and irritability, anxiety, and nervousness or restlessness. Often, the symptoms start within one to three days of a person quitting smoking and can last for several months in a worst case scenario. For these addicts, marijuana abuse clearly has taken over their lives.