Moving And Storage For 15 Percent Of Americans That Move Annually


There are long distance moving companies that utilize moving containers, also known as moving pods, that can be trusted. There are also options for moving storage and self storage that you will not want to trust in a million years. With a low historical number of Americans that moved between 2007 and 2008 (just 24 million, per the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, which is a number that reflects the lowest number of moves since the 1959 and 1960 figures) a lot of changes in the way that these experts reach out to their customers came along. These changes were also made to promote more relocation and use of moving and storage services when the 11.9 percent figures for annual migration, which was at 20 percent during the middle of the 1960s, were published. The Pew Research Center says that in the modern age, fewer than two out of every five Americans ever relocate from their home town.

These reduced numbers and people that are relocating mean more sales being offered by moving and storage services. If you plan to relocate in the near future, be sure to work with a moving and storage service that will help you create a check list for your relocation. This list should include making sure that you schedule the shut off of your utilities the day after you move while turning them on at the new place one day before you get there.

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