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When Looking Into Medical Clinics, Seattle Residents Will Find These 5 Facts Helpful

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Walk in clinic lynnwood wa

When considering the idea of going to medical clinics, Seattle residents will learn that a huge driver for the urgent care industry’s growth is the fact that primary doctors have too many patients and can never schedule their patients fast enough, which is likely what lead you to seek out a Washington urgent care facility in the first place. In fact, by going to medical clinics Seattle residents will find that they are doing what three million other people do every week, many for the above reason. On the contrary, emergency rooms get about 110 million visits each year, but at medical clinics Seattle residents can get treated for many of the same things that they would have to deal with an ER for anyway.

For instance, at medical clinics Seattle residents can expect to get prompt treatment for the flu; an illness that up to 20 percent of Americans get sick with each and every year. By going to medical clinics Seattle residents can also get fractures treated whether it is the wrist, which is the bone most people under 75 break; the hip, which is the bone that most people over 75 break, or any other. Thanks to urgent care Lynnwood WA residents will no longer have to think about whether or not they will have to deal with the pain of an injury for weeks while they wait for an appointment somewhere.

By attending an Everett urgent care clinic, you will find that you can get the same prompt treatment that you would expect at an ER, but without the heavy price tag normally associates with such a visit. Moreover, you can count on the good people at an Everett walk in clinic to treat you like a human being and not just a dollar sign. This is important because Kent urgent care doctors pride themselves in making you feel comfortable.

Once you stroll through the doors of an urgent care facility, you will only need to sign in and give a little info. An entire visit can often be completed in less than an hour, leaving you ready to start on the path to recovery. Sometimes, you can even get your prescriptions at the clinic.

Overall, your experience at an urgent care facility will be a good one. In fact, you may just return there every time you are ill. The professionals there will always stand ready to help you.

2 Hummus facts

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Recipe for hummus

What is hummus? Hummus is a Mid Eastern food that is like a dip or spread. It is made from chickpeas, Tahini, lemon juice, salt and other ingredients depending on the recipes. Recipes with hummus have these basic ingredients but there are now different variations to the original recipe. This is because hummus spread has gained popularity in the US and other parts of the world. No longer is it a Mid Eastern food. If you are not familiar with hummus, here are two things that you may find interesting enough to try hummus in your sandwich, salad or meal.

One of the most interesting things about hummus is hummus calories and hummus nutrition. Hummus is very nutritious and has very low calories. In other words, hummus calories are low although it is rich in vitamin C and iron. With low hummus calories, it makes for perfect spread and salad dressing for those who want to have low calorie diet. Moreover, hummus is rich in protein so it is the healthier alternative for protein bars. Not only is it very natural, it is also healthier. Hummus is also rich in fiber so it cleanses the body. For the vegetarians, it is also the perfect dip, spread or dressing.

Second, there are now many variations or flavors of hummus you can choose from. The most common ones are the roasted garlic hummus dip or spicy hummus dip. If you have children you can serve them hummus dips which are healthy and nutritious. Instead of the fatty cheese dip, mayonnaise and salad dressing, you can use hummus instead. Your children will love it as well as the whole family.