Oceanside, California Urgent Care Clinic

Urgent care oceanside

If you have ever gone to an emergency room for something that needed treatment but was not a matter of life and death and have gotten stuck in a long, long line for hours, you may want to try an urgent care clinic for your next minor emergency. Right now, there are about 110 million emergency room visits every year, and a large number of these are for relatively minor problems that do not require a full emergency room. This overcrowding caused by minor injuries and medical issues that require immediate treatment has inspired the creation of urgent care facilities, like the Oceanside clinic.

The Oceanside clinic and other urgent care facilities are independent clinics that treat minor injuries and other medical problems that require immediate care, but are not life threatening. This eases emergency room overcrowding, allowing you to get faster treatment and allowing emergency room staff to devote their time to truly serious medical issues. Frequently, patients treated at these facilities will follow up with their primary care doctors afterwards. Most people seeking treatment at an urgent care clinic come in for minor breaks and sprains, respiratory illnesses (like asthma), burns, cuts, and stomach problems. Urgent care facilities use a mix of doctors, nurses, and physician assistants, and about two thirds of urgent care facilities have a doctor on hand all the time.

If you need urgent care Oceanside CA or urgent care carlsbad CA, the Oceanside clinic and others like it provide urgent care treatment for minor emergencies. Clinics in oceanside can help to ease congestion at traditional emergency care facilities, reducing wait time for patients and strain for caregivers. The Oceanside clinic and others like it can provide basic emergency services when you or a loved one are injured, but do not have a life threatening injury or condition.

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