The Functions of Large Hose Clamps

Hose clamp

Large hose clamps are one of those things that nobody really thinks about, yet they provide an essential function that makes the world go around. To accommodate all of these different purposes, there are small hose clamps, medium hose clamps, large hose clamps, plastic hose clamps, stainless hose clamps, and probably large hose clamps made out of some space aged materials. One of the most important functions served by large hose clamps has to do with keeping your clothes clean. Actually, it has more to do with drying clothes than washing them. Basically, if it were not for large hose clamps, you would either have to hang your laundry out in the middle of January, or hang them wherever there is space in your house.

In order to use a clothes dryer, there needs to be a vent to accommodate the dryer hose. As all laundry rooms are different, dryer vents could be located 12 inches away from a dry or 12 feet away form the drying. Considering the fact that most drying hoses come in 4 foot and 6 foot lengths, large hose clamps make it possible to connect two or more dryer hoses. As such, without large hose clamps you would have to find a more creative way to connect 2 or 3 lengths of dryer hose in order to reach the vent that is located 12 feet away. Of course, you could always use heavy duty staples or tape, but staples might damage the hoses, and tape may not be secure. Therefore, if you want to be able to use your dryer with any sense of reliability, large hose clamps are essential. References:

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