Veterinary hospital website

Two veterinarians walked into a bar.

“My website is sending me customers and helping me manage my animal hospital,” one veterinarian said.

“What’s a website?” asked the other.

Most veterinarians are on one side or another of our little conversation. Some have a veterinary clinic website that helps them in their veterinary marketing, bringing in new customers and keeping present ones happy. Other veterinarians have ineffective websites or none at all.

Veterinarian websites are an essential element of veterinary practice today. Proper veterinarian websites have a design that informs clients of new treatments and schedules, answers questions in a format clients can understand, and behind the scenes tracks metrics valuable to the vet. Links to well designed veterinarian websites help potential clients find a vet and bring their animal in your door.

Good veterinarian websites will have a content management system. That means a vet can easily make changes to their website as needed. The look on the vets website will always be fresh and inviting to clients. Many veterinarian websites are hosted by a third party, which means that all the technical issues are taken care of by someone else who is responsive and expert. That third party can make updates if the vet wants, or be a backup to the vet’s efforts.

Many website developers can also help a vet use proven methods for getting traffic from social media and email marketing to the veterinarian website, an expensive, low effort way to market the services a vet provides. Visibility on the internet is key, even in a small town. Veterinarian websites can be a wealth of information, useful and fun to access.

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