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Sturgeon fishing tips

My Dad and I recently took offshore fishing charters to go catch some Marlin. See, he is an English Professor working on a Hemingway project, and he wanted to experience what the hero in Old Man and the Sea went through as he struggled against that Blue Marlin. He did plenty of research on offshore fishing tips, and sport fishing charters and snook fishing tips that he felt he could do this.

I was just along for the sheer adventure of it, because I had heard that offshore fishing charters, marlin fishing charters could be pretty exciting if you loved to fish (which I do).

The first fish my Dad caught on his big research project was a shark pup. Surprisingly, sharks are one of the few certain kinds of fish that give birth to live babies (called pups) whereas most other kinds of fish give birth to eggs, which eventually hatch.

As for me, the first kind of fish that I caught on the trip was one of the apparent 114 species of butterflyfish. Later on that day, I caught one of the “Nemo” fish as I called them. Well, I thought I did, but turns out Nemo was no clownfish. He was actually an anemonefish, which are slightly different in size, shape and color and reside in different habitats than a clownfish.

My Dad, on the other hand, wound up catching Triggerfish and electric eels on the offshore fishing charters. These guys are unique in that they can actually swim backwards, while most fish have a body that is built only to propel forward.

All in all, our experience with offshore fishing charters was pretty cool. No, my Dad not get his Marlin, but I think he discovered a passion for fishing more than his passion for Hemingway.

What are fishing stories of your own? Do any include offshore fishing charters? What was that like? Please share your experience in the comments! This is a great source for more.

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