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Top Five Interesting Facts About Limos

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Luxury limo service

Though most people probably get a taxi from the airport, you might want to make your way to your hotel in style. Have you ever though about hiring a limo service airport for your transportation? Luxury limo services are not just for proms and celebrities. If you are planning on doing some traveling in the near future, then why not look into airport limousine services. Here are a few things that you should know about the history and legacy of limos.

1. The first stretch limousine in the United States was built in Arkansas in 1928.

2. The President of the United States travels in a heavily armored, custom built limousine. This vehicle is often referred to as Cadillac One, or its less formal nickname o

Top Five Interesting Facts About Beauty Pageants

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Pageant coaches

If you are interested in how to win a beauty pageant and are looking for pageant interview questions and answers, a pageant interview coach, or local beauty pageants to get started with, then you should know a little more about the history of beauty pageants.

1. There is a lot of stigma around how to win a beauty pageant and those who participate in them. One of the ways that pageant companies try to counter act this is to show people the good things that a person can gain from participating