Top Five Interesting Facts About Divorce

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Although there was a time in history that divorce was highly stigmatized, that is not so much the case in the United states anymore. If you are in the market for a divorce attorney for women or are just trying to find a divorce attorney, then here are a few facts about the history of divorce before you begin your search.

1. Though the act of finding a good divorce attorney has become rather routine these days, there are a few countries where divorce is not legal. There are countries where divorce is not routine but there are only a few where it is completely not legal. The only countries which do not allow divorce are the Philippines, although Muslims have the right to divorce for other reasons, and Vatican City. Since Vatican City is an ecclesiastical state, and they have different laws since they have special privileges, have no procedure for divorce.

2. Some Western jurisdictions, which is where divorce lawyers in Arizona who work in Phoenix law firms take over, have a no fault divorce system. This system requires no allegation or proof of fault of either party.

3. The minimum age for marriage varies not only state to state in the United States but also country to country. For instance in Senegal, the marriageable age for males is 20, and the minimum age at which females are allowed to get married is 16.

4. A lot of people in the year 2000 hired a divorce attorney for women in the United States. In fact, in 2000, there were close to a million finalized divorces in the United States.

5. Though many people think that most lives are improved by the institution of marriage. There are a wide variety of aspects of a persons life that can be negatively affected by getting married. The loss of standard of living for women was as high as 27 percent. It might not be surprising that the loss of standard of living for men was significantly less than that of women. The average loss of living standards for men was 10 percent after being married. Read more about this topic at this link.

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