Video Visitation Systems are an Innovative New Technology that Allows Inmates in Jail to Visit with Family and Friends at a Distance

Prisoner visitation rights

With increasing advancements in technology, many institutions are finding more efficient and manageable means of doing things. In the case of institutions such as jails and prisons, scheduling and administrating visitation between inmates and their family and friends can often be seen as burdensome. To make this process more manageable, innovative technology has been created in the form of inmate video visitation systems. With inmate video visitation systems, the visitation process is in the hands of the visitors and relieved from the institution.

Virtual visitation uses videoconferencing and or CCTV systems and software that enables inmates and their visitors to visit at a distance rather than face to face. Jails and prisons can also use video visitation systems to for auxiliary applications such as telemedicine, video arraignment, video plea, and distance learning. The video capabilities of privileged virtual visitation can also simplify case prep for attorneys. Any live visitation can be monitored by authorized personnel who can use command keys in a remote location to unobtrusively listen, interact with, mute, or terminate a live session.

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  1. Gregeory Fuller

    that is really cool technology, but i know if someone i cared about was in prison i would want to visit them face to face.

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