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Video visitation system

If you have a family member in a correctional facility or jail located far from your home, there is another way to keep in touch. A virtual server gives you the chance to see your loved one from the comfort of your own home. This server connects computers together allowing web hosting services to provide people with a way to communicate through websites or programs that allow video conferencing. Correction facilities have found this inmate visitation system easier because it reduces the traffic flow of visitors and the need for manpower to guard visitations. It also keeps excess movement from inmates to minimum.

Video visitation systems provide families with a way to see their friends or family without having to pay for transportation. Viewing an inmate can done from an office or from home. This places the burden of scheduling on the family rather than the administration at a jail. Families can call the jail and check on times that virtual visitation is available and arrange their schedule to fit the facilities timings. Each facility has its own rules and regulations regarding inmate video visitation, including specific paperwork, and many require people to be on an approved visitation list to participate in the program. They have also developed scheduling software to aid the process.

Jail facilities have developed ways to manage these visitations and guard against any fraudulent activity. While a virtual server makes it possible for jail guards and workers to keep a closer eye on the level of contraband illegally entering the facility, they are constantly exploring ways to secure virtual visitation as well. As technology advances and they are able to improve this process, families will likely find video visitation the best way to see their loved one as often as they desire.

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