What Tools Keep Vehicle Production Safe?

Vibration control technologies

Did you know that leveling casters, vibration control systems, and cotter pins go into the production of today’s automobiles, trains, aircraft, and spacecrafts? Keeping vehicle production safe depends on precision and a considerable amount of support. What tools ensure that production remains safe, exact, and stable?

Leveling Casters and Vibration Mounts

Leveling casters consist of a wheel (or sometimes a set of wheels) accompanied by a retractable foot. These stabilizing systems, typically made from a combination of zinc and nylon, can be used to keep mobile equipment level, or keep equipment and machinery level on uneven surfaces. Caster foots can be adjusted to custom heights using a built-in wrench or thumb screw.

Similarly, vibration mounts help curb potentially hazardous vibrations, reducing the likelihood of worker injury and equipment malfunction. Vibration mounts can be made from rubber, elastomers, or cork. Some systems may also use springs to help absorb and reign in excessive vibrations. Vibration pads typically elevate and/or separate objects to protect workers and equipment.

Cotter Pins and Carriage Bolts

Precision and accuracy are not the only concerns of production and the automotive, train, and aerospace industries. Support and stability is absolutely essential, and a number of fasteners, including cotter pins and carriage bolts, make it possible.

Cotter pins can be made from a number of different materials, including brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and bronze. These fasteners slip into long, thin rods, and the ends are often turned up to secure them into position. Cotter pins are most likely to be used to manufacture, and sometimes repair, trains and steam engines. Likewise, carriage bolts keep automotive and vehicle parts stable and secure. These bolts date back to 1869, and are available in zinc, steel, or stainless steel. Most carriage bolts require a hold punch for proper placement.

Safe and reliable vehicle production demands a certain amount of accuracy, precision, and stability. Leveling casters and vibration mounts keep projects stable and accurate, while cotter pins and carriage bolts ensure that automotive, aircraft, and aerospace parts remain precisely and securely in place.
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