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Buy a Townhouse Now Before You Are Priced Out of the Market!

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Buying new homes

The U.S. government has touted the benefits of buying a new home for years now, and for good reason! Buying new homes not only drives individual wealth, it enriches the community itself in a number of ways. Communities in which most residents own their own homes show a greater degree of civic participation and higher voter turnouts. As well, buying a brand new home is associated with many positive outcomes like decreased instances of teen pregnancy, lower levels of crime, an increased likelihood of children graduating from high school, and overall better health and wellness for residents. With all of this positive data, why would anyone conclude that buying a new home from a builder or buying a townhouse is anything less than the best option?

There is an answer to that question, unfortunately. The Great Re

How to Protect Against Storms

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Rolling storm shutters

Did you know that a single hurricane stirs up millions of miles of air? It can also dump over 2.4 trillion gallons of rain a day. Hurricanes are even 2,000 times bigger across than tornadoes. So, how can you prepare for a hurricane? If you live in a place where hurricanes are common, there are things like aluminum storm shutters and roll down storm shutters, which can protect your home against the elements.

The worst month for hurricanes is September, although August is second worse. The end of summer and beginning of fall typically means hurricane season in America. You can Continue Reading No Comments