Are You Having Trouble Finding Work in Rochester, NY?

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Rochester’s population of 210,000 people is one of varied race, creed, and affluence. Indeed, many of Rochester’s citizens are quite well off. However, for those that make up Rochester’s 10% unemployment rate, things are, understandably, not so rosy.

The fact is that finding a job can be extremely difficult. Rochester employment opportunities range from those that simply require drive to those that require at least a four year degree. Regardless of the job and its qualifications, Rochester locals need to be able to find jobs in Rochester NY and adequately prepare if they want to get them. Here are three sources that can help them do exactly that.

  • Look to the Web
  • One of the best places to find Rochester jobs is the internet. Rochester Works! is a website set up and maintained by the City of Rochester in hopes of giving its citizens a better chance at finding employment. Funded by both private donations and taxes, Rochester Works! offers locals training opportunities for all ages and an easy to use search engine for finding jobs in the Flower City.

  • Do Not Neglect the Library

  • After finding Rochester NY jobs
    , you need to take steps to set yourself up as a viable candidate. One of the best ways to do this is to visit your local library. Many searching for Rochester employment are surprised to learn that their local librarians are not only knowledgeable about books but on resume writing and crafting. If you want to write a professional cover letter and resume that will only improve your chances of securing many Rochester New York jobs, then visit your local library. They can show you how to write effective application materials, and they can proofread and edit them to give you the best shot.

  • Look to Your Government
  • The City of Rochester maintains the PRIME program to help its citizens find quality Rochester employment. PRIME, Providing Real Incentives to Maintain Employment, gives Rochester locals vocational training, community service opportunities, and other abilities that will only add to their resume. In doing so, they aid their citizens’ chances of successfully securing Rochester employment.

If you are one of the city’s many residents who are hurting for work, rest assured that there is help out there for you. However, you have to make the effort to find it. By searching Rochester Works!, you can find a job that meets your needs and abilities. Visiting your local library and utilizing city programs can get you the training and the resume you need for success in Rochester employment. What are you waiting for? Helpful info also found here.

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