How Can You Best Update Scratched Table Tops?

Vaneer sheets

If you want to change your home decor, you should think about using sheet veneer. Real wood vaneer sheets can be applied to most surfaces by using various different means. For instance, iron on real wood vaneer sheets are great for updating kitchen counter tops or cupboards. These iron on real wood vaneer sheets are available in a lots of neat colors and types of wood. There are bamboo veneer sheets, cherry veneer sheets, and oak veneer sheets, to name a couple.

If you do not want to use iron on sheet veneer, you might consider using self adhesive veneer. Self adhesive real wood vaneer sheets can be placed atop scratched up desks, dressers, or tables. Once the adhesive real wood vaneer sheets have been applied to furniture, those pieces will look like they were just purchased brand new.

Something to mull over when using real wood vaneer sheets is that your surfaces have to be scrubbed clean prior to the application of real wood vaneer sheets. So too must you make sure that you have accurately measured the surface that you will be covering. This can accomplished with ease when you employ a paper pattern. However, some individuals prefer to measure the surface with a tape measure in advance and then cut the real wood vaneer sheets accordingly.

If you are nervous about whether your furniture, cupboards, or counter tops will appear authentic once you have applied real wood vaneer sheets to surfaces, you can rest assured that they will look fine. Many people who are redecorating prefer to use high end sheet veneer made from real wood because it looks solid and expensive, even though in actuality, real wood vaneer sheets do not cost a lot of money. More on this.

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