Not Sure If Your Windshield Needs to Be Replaced?

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The Romans were the first civilization to use glass windows. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? Here’s another “mind blowing” fact about the history of windows. The word “window” was first recorded in the 13th century and was originally referred to a hole in a roof that wasn’t glazed. For glass windshields in vehicles, it wasn’t until 1934 that Chrysler was produced the first care to use a single-pieced curved windshield. And it wasn’t until the 1960s that intermittent windshield wipers were developed.

But enough window history, glass windows can be a hassle, especially if they’re cracked. If you own a vehicle, auto window and glass repair is most likely going to be a necessary service you’ll need at one point in your life. Automobile glass repair while common, can be scary for a first timer. If you live in the Sun Valley of Arizona, you’re in luck. Vehicle glass repair is available. Most of these vehicle window and glass repair services will come to your car. Whether you’re at home, work, the mall or the movie theater, an auto glass repair services can come to your location and quickly perform a windshield replacement or auto glass crack repair.

Not sure if you need a windshield replacement? Chances are if there’s a crack in your windshield, it’s going to need replacement. Cracks hold pressure, as that pressure struggles to exit, it pushes the crack outwards causing it to grow. This is why it’s typical that one day the crack is very small, and the next it has grown. Some of these repairs can be done without replacing the entire windshield. However, if there is a deep chip in your windshield, or one that is larger than a fifty-cent piece, the entire windshield will need to be replaced. Most auto glass repair jobs are not expensive and can be covered by your auto insurance. If you’re a resident of Pheonix or the Sun Valley of Arizona, contact your local auto glass repair center for service. They’ll come to you, it doesn’t take long and you’ll be glad you handled the issue sooner, rather than later. To learn more, read this.

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