Sumptuous Settings for Your Engagement Ring

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A lot of focus is given to the main stone in a diamond engagement ring. We worry about the color, the cut, the clarity, the carat-weight, and any other C we can think of. But while a beautiful main stone can be a major factor in the beauty of a ring, the setting can be every bit as important. Here are a few common setting types, and what they can do for the overall look of your ring.

  • Prong Set Engagement Rings. This is probably the most common style of setting, where the main stone is held in place by narrow metal arms. The prong setting securely holds a main stone while allowing light to enter from the sides and even the bottom, to give your main stone some extra sparkle.
  • Bezel Set Engagement Rings. In this setting, a metal frame is placed around the widest part of the main diamond, the girdle. This metal band not only protects the thin girdle from potential damage, but can often make a stone appear larger as well.
  • Channel Set Engagement Rings. A channel setting places gemstones or diamonds within a groove in the band itself. This channel holds the stones very securely in place and can travel the whole circumference of the ring. Since the stones are set flush with the metal, this type of setting reduces the likelihood of your ring getting caught or snagged on clothing, as with a protruding stone.
  • Pave Set Engagement Rings. This setting is similar to a channel setting, but uses much smaller stones, and in greater quantities. Pave set engagement rings can give the appearance of a band made almost entirely of diamonds, with very little visible metal.

Your setting is the foundation of your ring, the framework for a dazzling diamond centerpiece, each enhancing the other. Once you’ve picked a main stone, decide which setting might best enhance it (or be enhanced by it), to make your ring a complete work of art.

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