How Top Sales People Are Recruited

Headhunter sales

The best businesses are hungry for top talent. A good sales person, for example, can generate a lot of revenue for a company and push them past their competition. As a result, businesses will often hire special companies that specialize in executive search and selection to find them the best possible executive candidates. Companies outsource their head hunting for a number of reasons.

First, often times businesses lack the resources to devote to recruiting the best sales jobs. Thus, outsourcing to an executive search firm saves these firms time. Second, executive recruiting firms often have access to a wider talent pool, and thus these firms can often find better recruits than if businesses handled their recruitment themselves.

Executive search and selection is serious business for companies. A hiring mistake for a sales person can be up to six to ten times a sales person’s base salary. Unfortunately, the turnover in a sales team can often be over 40% per year. As a result, 32% of all sales people have been with their company for less than a year. This is all the more reason to contract with an executive recruiting firm. Businesses can save money by getting the best people upfront, rather than trying to spend time weeding those who cannot make the cut.

Executive recruiting firms will look at a number of traits when evaluating a person for a job. First, previous sales experience is highly valued. Head hunters will also look at whether candidates have the necessary technical skills. In general, candidates should also be confident good public speakers. If you would like to learn how about the executive search and selection process, search online.

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