Patient Communication and Your Medical Practice

Mobile healthcare solutions

While a lot of practices and doctors offices have embraced the idea of bringing your own device, it requires some oversight and guidance to maintain strict HIPAA compliance and data security. It can be achieved in the U.S. though, the Netherlands have achieved a 99 percent participation level for their electronic medical records. There are incentives and guidelines that doctors can access as part of their conversion, such as the Hitech Act that provides almost 30 billion dollars in incentives for converting to digital health records. To increase efficiencies, there are various healthcare mobile apps; you can begin using secure text messaging for healthcare as a way to communicate with your clients.

To find the best secure text messaging for healthcare, you can do some preliminary research to insure you find the best fit for your practice. In practice, HIPPA text messaging provides a flexible and scalable architecture for communication. With some simple integration, your mobile health apps can be accessed over the internet so that you can deliver services from anywhere over a wireless connection. To implement mobile solutions and secure text messaging for healthcare, you are no longer tied to your phone or office. Just by implementing secure communication apps on your phone or mobile device, these mobile apps can allow you additional freedom and the efficiency to communicate as needed.

As you plan the initial adoption, you will need to evaluate whether your clients are more comfortable with sms messaging or secure emails. From there, it is easy to customize services and solutions that fit your business and client expectations. Using secure messaging services, your practices can streamline their communications. By using a cloud or internet platform, they do not need to support several operating systems and complicated configurations. Your health messaging applications are optimized so that the user interface is essentially browser based, insuring that functionality and compatibility is not dependent on hardware. This means that your hardware configuration is practically irrelevant as you move to an outsourced hosting model.

The trend towards secure text messaging
for healthcare and mobile application adoption has given doctors and their supporting staff a new flexibility in managing their patient communications. By evaluating your needs and the patient expectations, you should be able to deploy your new systems quickly, and increase your effectiveness over time.

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