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As one of the original 13 British colonies, the state of North Carolina is rich in history and rife with myths and tales of heroism. Perhaps the most famous colonial North Carolinian is Sir Walter Raleigh, who was responsible for financing the Roanoke Colony during the 16th century. Unfortunately, the colony of 118 men, women, and children is said to have vanished sometime between 1587 and 1590.

Among the other well-known residents of colonial North Carolina were Edward Teach — AKA “Blackbeard” the pirate — and Virginia Dare. When she was born at Fort Raleigh on August 18, 1587, Ms. Dare was the very first person to be born on Roanoke Island. As for Mr. Blackbeard the pirate, the well-known Outer Banks mariner is said to have lost his life while fighting the Royal Navy in November of 1718.

If you have ever booked an Outer Banks vacation rental, you are well aware of the wild horses that still roam in that area. Actually, the wild horses that you can see from the windows of Outer Banks beach house rentals are descendants of the infamous wild ponies that originated when the Spanish ships became shipwrecks during the 16th century.

While it is cool to see the wild horses and all of the other historical stuff that you can experience from an outer banks beach house rental, the area offers a lot more than you can learn about in history class. After all, you have the North Carolina coast that offers what Beach Times! magazines calls the “best beaches” on the Eastern Seaboard. Whether you fall for that or not, it is difficult to deny the excitement and romance that an Atlantic sunset offers.

Outer Banks rentals are among the most sought after of all the fantastic North Carolina vacation lodging options. Whether vacationers prefer Outer Banks beach house rentals, landlocked cottages, or mountain cabins, the state of North Carolina has plenty of options for everyone.

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